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(update 08/20/2021)

On January 18th 2016, the "European Professional Card" (EPC) came into force for some professions , including Mountain Guides. The procedure concerns both Italian Mountain Guides who wish to practice their profession in another EU country and Mountain Guides from other EU countries who want to practice in Italy. The procedure aims at facilitating practicing the profession, including on temporary bases, in another EU member State.

The EPC card is an electronic procedure that simplifies the recognition of the professional title held by reducing both time and bureaucratic burdens. It has the form of an electronic certificate that certifies how the professional has passed every procedure to obtain the recognition of the professional qualification in the host country. The procedure works through IMI, the informative system that facilitates communication between national regulatory authorities of the professions.

In case of temporary request, the EPC card has a 12-month validity, in case of long-term establishment, the EPC card does not have a deadline.

In order to access, please go to ECAS portal to authenticate and follow the procedure. On Your Europe you can gather information on documents needed, prizes, application procedures and duration.

In Italy the applications for EPC Mountain guide card are handled by the Sport Department within the Presidency of the Council of ministers which is the national Authority appointed according to legislative decree 206/2007 pursuant Rec (UE) n. 2015/983.

In order to obtain the EPC Mountain guide card, the payment of a € 16,00 stamp duty has to be made by bank transfer in “Euro” to the Bilancio dello Stato Capo VIII, Capitolo 1205, art. 1, giving the following information:

BIC: BITAITRRENT -IBAN: IT 07Y 01000 03245348 008 1205 01

Reason for payment: Imposta di bollo rilascio EPC - name and surname of the applicant.

Mountain guides who have obtained the professional title in a non-EU country and want to carry out their activity in Italy, must apply for the recognition of the professional title according to the ordinary procedure filling out the forms available below and sending them to

It is also possible for those who have obtained mentioned professional titles in a country belonging to the European Union to request prior authorization for the temporary exercise of the profession in Italy.


Prior declaration for the temporary and occasional exercise of the profession of mountain guide pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/2007

Application for recognition of the qualification of mountain guide obtained in EU countries (non-EPC), pursuant to Legislative Decree 206/2007

Application for the recognition of the qualification of mountain guide obtained in non-Eu Member State, pursuant to DPR 394/99

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