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(update 10/24/2022)

This section contains all the information, regulations and forms relating to the recognition of foreign professional qualifications for the exercise of the following sporting professions in Italy:

  1. Sky instructor (including cross country ski and snowboard instructor);
  2. Mountain guide
  3. Aspirant mountain guide
  4. (Mid) mountain leader
  5. Volcano guide

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"Partial Access”

In case of professions that are not regulated in Italy, but that fall within the activities carried out by mountain guides, the professionals in possession of a specific qualification issued by a body of a member state (for example: canyoning/torrental guides, hiking guides, climbing guides) can request "Partial Access" on the basis of art. 5 septies of legislative decree no. 206 of November 9, 2007, implementing directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications.

The Department of Sport, after a technical/administrative assessment of the documentation supporting the application, may authorise the exercise of the above-mentioned professions in Italy on a temporary and occasional basis.

The professionals can apply for “partial access” to practice in Italy one of the professions mentioned above (canyoning/torrental guides, hiking guides, climbing guides) and legally practiced in another EU member state of origin sending to the Dipartimento per lo sport – Presidenza del Consiglio dei ministry a formal request. The request should indicate name, surname and personal details of the applicant and include a declaration that the professional will provide only occasional services.

The applicant should also specify the organization or association that issued the qualification, the place (city and country) and the date the qualification was issued and indicate any refresher training or courses attended.

The applicant should also expressly declare the following:

  • that on Italian territory he/she will limit himself/herself to the activities for which he/she holds the professional qualification and that he/she will not carry out any other of the professional activities included in the profession of mountain guide;
  • that he/she will take out, for the current year, appropriate insurance cover for professional liability in connection with the qualification held;
  • that he/she has an adequate knowledge of Italian/English.

The application should be accompanied by the following documents:

1 – copy (front/back) of ID or passport;

2 – copy of the professional qualification;

3 - a declaration by the competent authority that he/she is legally established in (indicate the country) for the purpose of practising the declared profession and that he/she is not prohibited from practising it, even on a temporary basis, at the time the certificate is issued, and that he/she has professional indemnity insurance cover valid until ________________ .

4 – copy of the payment of the € 32,00 stamp duty made by bank transfer in “Euro” to the: Bilancio dello Stato Capo VIII, Capitolo 1205, art. 1, giving the following information:

BIC: BITAITRRENT -IBAN: IT 07Y 01000 03245348 008 1205 01

Reason for payment: Imposta di bollo per accesso parziale (indicate profession) - name and surname of the applicant.

The request and the related documents must be sent exclusively in pdf format in a single file to the Dipartimento per lo sport at the following email (pec):


The Department today ascertained that the mailbox “” - for technical reasons - refused the receipt of non-certified e-mail in the period between October 17 and October 24 c.a.

All those who have submitted requests for recognition of their foreign professional qualification by e-mail will most likely have received a non-delivery e-mail (often identified as spam by e-mail systems). They are therefore invited to resubmit the aforementioned requests.


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